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make the most of your time outside!

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dengue fever: what you need to know

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OFF!TM Sakura

OFF!TM Sakura protects your delicate skin from mosquitoes with pleasant sakura fragrance.
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OFF!TM Active

OFF!TM Active protects you from mosquitoes during your active lifestyle.
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OFF!TM Family

OFF!TM Family protects your family from mosquitoes conveniently anytime anywhere.
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OFF!TM Smooth & Dry

OFF!TM Smooth & Dry comfortably protects you from mosquitoes.
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OFF!<sup>TM</sup> Sakura
OFF!<sup>TM</sup> Active
OFF!<sup>TM</sup> Family
OFF!<sup>TM</sup> Smooth & Dry

7 myths and facts about deet

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don't get bugged when you travel
Packing protection for mosquito territory is easy with this guide.
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protect your family from mosquitoes
OFF! has a variety of repellents that help keep your family protected from mosquitoes.
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zika virus: what you need to know
Zika virus is a disease spread primarily through mosquito bites that can cause fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis.
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4 ways being outdoors boosts kids’ development
Studies reveal a connection between kids’ well being and the time they spend in nature.
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5 surprising facts about mosquitoes
Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite?
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When we’re outside, we believe that we’re happier, healthier, and
more relaxed. That’s why it’s our goal to help protect your time
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